Online gifting

Turn all the products in your online store into highly personalised and beautiful digital gifts that your customers can buy and send in minutes.

In today's online battleground, this is a value add to physical product delivery that will give you a competitive edge.

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An example of a digital gift

Gifts aren't just products, they're moments in time that become stories your customers share

For many of us, our memories are rich with stories about gifts we've sent or received over the years.

The gifting moment - the occasion, the date, the location - is often something we treasure and like to story-tell to friends, just as much as recounting what the actual gift product or experience was.

gift flick brings real life gifting stories to life digitally in a way that's never been done before.

It's never too late to send someone a gift

With gift flick it is never too late for your customers to gift shop in your online store as gifting can continue even after the shipping window is closed for both seasonal and everyday gifting occasions. It works on a “gift it now, ship it later” principle.

What is gift flick

gift flick is an advanced end to end digital gifting platform and e-commerce plugin designed to supercharge any retailers gifting business.

Our technology allows shoppers to find and instantly send great gifts in a world leading personalised digital experience that bridges the gap between the real and the digital in a way not done before for gifting.

Platform Features

Through a simple and secure plugin you can enable your customers to buy and send any product (physical or digital) as a digital gift in your online store in under one minute.

Allow your customers to create, personalise and send the gift in a beautiful digital experience, which can be customised for your brand.

Simple and Secure plugin

Simple integration into your ecommerce site through our API or platform plugin.

Brand control

Edit or create your own digital gift stories (themes) in line with your brand.

Seamless UX

UX design to effortlessly integrate into your online customer purchase journey and drive new sales.

Customer personalisation

Let your customers personalise their digital gift; style, greeting card, and even upload a personal video message if they wish to.

Delivered in video

Every digital gift is delivered using dynamic video for an incredibly rich, personalised and meaningful experience that is rendered in real time.

A little bit green

We are pretty proud that our technology makes a small contribution to our planet. Consumers who gift over our platform will not need to buy a greeting card, wrapping paper or even use sticky tape.

It’s estimated that in the UK around 50,000 trees are cut down each year to make enough paper to wrap our presents.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Our purpose

Is to revolutionise gifting by delivering the worlds most advanced yet personalised and human digital gifting experience.

Through our technology we will give consumers the richness and emotion of real life gifting in a digital experience, all while providing consumers with the convenience technology enables.